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Drama at The Cathedral School

Drama at the Cathedral School seeks to develop confidence, coordination, imagination, mutual respect and understanding.

For Primary pupils, lessons are practical and incorporate lots of team building warm up games and exercises. Pupils are encouraged to express their own ideas and opinions freely and to listen courteously to others. Most lessons incorporate improvisation exercises which culminate in end of session performances to the rest of the class. Pupils learn to assess their own and their peers' work constructively with respect.

Performance work is encouraged throughout the year in class work, assemblies, services, concerts, and larger productions. Participation is open to all, both for performers and backstage and technical crew.

The Drama department works closely with the Music department, and over the course of each academic year they produce Harvest Festivals, Christmas concerts and plays, a variety of assemblies as well as both Senior and Junior Productions, including High School Musical, Alice The Musical, It's a Wonderful Life and Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcost. For photographs from these productions, please click here.

Drama lessons in both the Primary and Senior sections, give pupils the opportunity to work together to develop their key skills, using a variety of topics and genres to develop performance and creativity. Using a range of theatrical techniques within the creative environment of the Roald Dahl Studio, pupils' imaginations are stimulated and developed, allowing them to gain confidence in their own abilities. 

All pupils in Year 7 are taught Drama, but are then given the choice to opt to study it further up the school. At GCSE we offer the WJEC course, which is a mixture of practical, scripted and evaluative tasks, aimed to give pupils a broad understanding of the subject in preparation for further study. Coursework comprises 80% of the course and pupils are given a range of opportunities to visit the theatre, as well as other schools to see their Drama work in action.

Recent theatre visits have included, ‘An Inspector Calls' and 'Blood Brothers'.