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What the Cathedral School offers

The Senior Section at the Cathedral School welcomes boys and girls from 11 years of age. A traditional academic education is offered, with inspirational teaching leading to excellent examination results. Pupils receive 6-weekly updates on their progress (as do parents), and are encouraged to involve themselves in a wide range of other activities and interests beyond the classroom. 

Our core subjects up to GCSE (England-pathway GCSEs in every subject*) are: Religious Studies, Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils then choose a number of additional subjects from a wide range (12 currently offered). 

Examination results are outstanding, the school being regularly placed in performance tables amongst the top 5 schools in Wales at A Level and GCSE, and at a very high ranking in UK-wide terms also.

(* - From September 2015 the frameworks for GCSEs and A Level have diverged with Wales and England following different models; the Cathedral School, along with other high achieving independent schools in Wales, is offering solely England-pathway qualifications believing them to be better regulated, more demanding and carrying greater currency with selective universities).